Valentine’s should be Simple & Sweet

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Valentine's should be Simple & Sweet

An easy decoration you can pick up for less than $2 at your local grocery store. Everyone has a candle and a candle holder at home that can easily transition into a cute and simple Valentine’s day centerpiece.

Valentine’s is a holiday I believe doesn’t need to be over decorated and over commercialized (even though it totally is). It’s all about spending time with the people you love and reminding those people they are special to you. Don’t stress about making everything perfect. Sometimes the best days are the ones that everything has gone wrong and you can still laugh about it at the end.


Grapes Galore!

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Grapes Galore!

These grapes were a slam-dunk hit at my housewarming party. Try them for your Superbowl event. Make sure to make enough to go around. They go fast!

Superbowl Festivities- 10 Things I LOVE

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As the big game approaches and your in the last planning stages of your Superbowl Party, let me offer some products I love that will set the mood for your event. Whether you are pleasing the guys with their football and food or the gals with their commercials and cocktails, there is sure to be something on this list that everyone can use. 

1) Cuisinart Panini/ Grill/ Griddle– This is perfect for making great sandwiches on game day! I use mine almost daily.

2) Great Statement Necklace– Just because it’s a football game, doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up for company. Rock a statement necklace in your team’s colors.

3) Chip and Dip Set– Every hostess needs a great chip and dip set. My favorite is Nora Flemming’s because you can change the pieces to suit any occasion. &

4) Smokey Mustard– Now this might seem a little random, but I’m telling you- this mustard will rock your world. Pair this with pretzels and you’re one appetizer down. 

5) Dessert!– Who can pass up a super delicious chocolate cupcake that looks like a football? Not I!

6) Shot Glasses– Win or Lose, shot glasses are always a must. (Just in case, of course) Here you can order personalized shot glasses for your special occasion. 

7) Snack Plates– Depending on the set up of your house, it might be a good idea to provide snack plates for your guests. Less of a mess to clean up after the game. For a Superbowl Party- keep them simple 

8) Notepads– This might seem like an odd one that should be stuck in another blog post, but as a fun game for your guests come up with different categories for the commercials  Examples include: Funniest, Best Car Commercial, Best Commercial for Women…. Jot down notes during the game and see which commercial stood out the most.

9) Koozies!- Surprise your guests by having a personalized koozie for them.

10) Trivia– Anyone who knows me knows I love trivia. Even if it is Superbowl trivia where I’m most likely not going to answer anything correctly. Hey, at least I played the game, right? 

The Reason for the Season

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The Reason for the Season

Macy’s Department Store in NYC


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If nothing else at the party is themed- make sure the dessert is.

Christmas Shopping Madness

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My goal for this blog is to keep you up to date on things that are happening with Blueprint Eventions, but to also give my opinion and advice on things topical to events or holidays coming up. How perfect but for this entry to be about the aftermath of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

When I was in high school, I was one of those crazy-ridiculous- sleep deprived individuals who set her alarm clock at 4:00 A.M. on Black Friday to get to the stores before the sun even thought about rising. Now don’t get me wrong, it was fun at the time. (maybe from an adrenaline rush, maybe from being loopy from lack of sleep) However, I only got about half the deals I was planning on buying. What never crossed my mind was everyone is out for the exact same deals I was. They weren’t just doing their leisurely Christmas shopping at 6 in the morning for the heck of it. If they wanted to do that, they would have enjoyed their morning and gingerly sipped their cup of coffee instead of sloshing it into an insulated to-go cup.

Black Friday is over-rated unless you are shopping for one specific item and you’re going home after that. Don’t get out in the crowds. I would MUCH rather participate in Cyber Monday from the warmth of my house with a nice breakfast beside my computer. That’s the way to go. Free shipping is my favorite online deal by the way. It’s such an excitement to pull into your driveway and see a package waiting at your door. Yes, you have the instant satisfaction with Black Friday- but it takes a LOT of work and even MORE patience.

Don’t stress about holiday gifts and enjoy being one of Santa’s elves.

Thanks a Bunch Day

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With Thanksgiving in two days, every host is in a time crunch to finish grocery shopping, planning the meal, cleaning the house, setting the table and making sure every little detail down to the matching place mats and napkin rings is juuust right. Coming from an event planner I can understand how you can become bogged down with the simplest details that seem to take the most time. Coming from a professional I would normally say to pay attention to those small details. Not today. Today I’d like everyone to throw out “perfect” and bring some “imperfection” to the Thanksgiving holiday. Don’t worry about that last dust bunny in the corner of the living room or the fact that Aunt Terrie might have oversalted the stuffing or the kids are running around and you dropped the pumpkin cheesecake. Take a step back, enjoy those small details of family and friends and not the “perfect” Thanksgiving. This holiday is meant to be a time of fellowship with the ones you love. Don’t turn Thanksgiving into a commercialized Martha Stewart picture-perfect holiday. The simplest meal and minimalist decorations with the right company can make the most outstanding Thanksgiving holiday anyone can enjoy…. event the host. Image